Summer competition

03 June 2014


Start of regular season

29 September 2013
Start of regular season




How many picks is Andrei going to send per month?

The average is 6 tips per week, that makes about 24 per month.


What is the average stake per bet?

The service consists of flat stakes of 1 unit.


Will there be previews for picks?

Yes, every pick will have a preview and also a post-match comment. 


What bookmakers do you use?

Pinnacle and asians. Only sharp books. 


What Money Management do you recommend?

You should never bet more than 3-4% of your bankroll on one bet. 


What does Guaranteed profit subscription mean?

Guaranteed profit means that if your subscription ends with a profit less than 5% yield, your subscription will be automatically extended until you reach 5% yield, completely free of charge.

Guaranteed Profit Subscriptions are only available for all subscriptions.


Where are the picks going to be send?

At a pre-established hour, once per day.


How many members is the service supporting?

To be able to provide a premium service and give the members the change of having the same lines/odds as Andrei - the limit is set to 100 subscribers.



Is the service verified?

Yes, by Bettingadvice and All picks on the site are 100% real.